Returning Camper Program

The Returning Camper Program is for students in our area who have experienced Young Life High School Summer Camp at least once. Students are automatically enrolled in this program upon returning home from camp, though participation is completely optional. The mission of this program is to help students to develop skills in leadership, community building, responsibility, and principally, to encourage them to grow in and share their faith with their peers. The Returning Camper Program seeks to encourage our High School friends to broaden their understanding of faith and service through several options: 
  • Bringing a first-time camper 
  • Serving on Work Crew at a Young Life camp for a month in the summer
  • Accompanying a student with special needs to Capernaum camp as a Capernaum buddy
  • Leading WyldLife as a Student Leader

The first step in pursuing one of these option is to fill out the Returning Camper Application.
​Scroll down for more information on each of these options. ​​

Bring a First-Time Camper​:


Unlike most summer camps, Young Life builds their summer camp experience specifically catering to first-time campers. This provides a unique set of activities and surprises that creates an experience that we say is The Best Week of their Lives. The option to bring a first time camper allows our kids who have experienced camp at least once, to gain a new, and often times deeper, experience of Young Life summer camp. 

Finding a friend who has never been to camp before can be an intimidating process. To answer some questions that may come up download our Returning Camper FAQs.​

​Work​ Crew:


Work crew is typically a month-long volunteer experience at a traditional Young Life camp for those in high school. To be eligible, students must have completed one year of high school, in addition to completing the area’s work crew training course, which includes a regional application process, and a leader recommendation. Teens can serve as volunteers in a variety of ways, like dining hall servers, grounds crew, and housekeepers.

Students interested in serving for work crew must meet the following requirements:
  • Active participation in their campaigner group
  • Complete 4 work crew training sessions during the Spring
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from their Young Life leader
  • Complete the regional Work Crew application by March 1st.  

*Work Crew sessions range in length from 2 weeks to a whole month. For a list of potential session dates Click Here.

​Capernaum Buddies:

Capernaum Buddies.jpg

​We call Young Life’s ministry for students with disabilities aged 14–22, “Capernaum,” because we do not think intellectual or developmental limitations should keep adolescents from the presence of the One who promises fullness of life. We move through barriers that can accompany having special needs, believing that the lives of kids with disabilities, as well as their able-bodied friends, are transformed by the shared experience of Young Life.

Students interested in accompanying a student with special needs to Capernaum camp must meet the following requirements:
  • Meet with Capernaum team leader to determine schedule and level of involvement
  • Serve as a Buddy at Capernaum Club (once a month) during the spring semester


​Wyldlif​e Camp:

Wyldlife 2017.jpg

Leading a 5-day Wyldlife trip to Northbay Adventure camp is an option for any high school student who has been involved with Wyldlife leadership in the past year. High School Wyldlife leaders will meet with their team leader to determine if this is the best fit for them. 

Students interested in going on the Wyldlife trip as a Wyldlife Leader must meet the following requirements:
  • Meet with Wyldlife team leader to determine schedule and level of involvement
  • Complete student leader training course with Wyldlife Team leader
  • Help plan and implement one Wyldl​ife club per month in the Spring semester​

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